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In the time between the two world wars Kanaltal (Valcanale) valley was Italianised: “Wildbachgasse” –where house no. 83 is standing, home of Maria Autischer- was renamed Via Casarenza; Saifnitz was renamed Camporosso. To make ends meet, the “Tante Mitzi” started to rent one room to guests... Italians, Austrians, Slovenians and even British guests stayed there. She further developed her second passion: cooking. A handwritten book of recipes dating from 1857 was found in her cabinet containing notes on her preferred recipes for dishes such as “Zwetschen-Knödel” (Plum Dumplings), the “Weinbeerenstrudel” (Weingrapes Strudel) and the “Schartl” (sweet bread).

The political developments at the close of the 1930s caused a split in the family.  On March 13th 1938 the neighbouring country Austria became part of the German Reich. The 1924 Schilling was replaced by the Reichs Mark. Her brother Filipp in 1939 took the German side, and moved in 1941 with his wife Elisabeth Frühstuck and 6 children to Lienz (now Lienz in Austria). Her sister Anna moved to central Italy (Umbria) with her husband Johann Plzak, who actually came to Camporosso from Vienna. Eventually they settled later in Piemont, close to Turin. Her brother Alois stayed in Tarvisio, where his family was running a blacksmith and glass shop.


During WWII “Tante Mitzi” stayed faithful to Camporosso, even if many residents and friends decided to move away. Some of them - like the Anderwald family, Tante Mitzi’s godparents- were even taken to the concentration camps.


Until the end of the 1950s “Tante Mitzi” ran a small cowshed with 2 cows and 2 sheep, in the same location where the Tante Mitzi coffee shop now stands. These animals were still allowed to graze on the “Nachbarchaft” meadows, according to the rights belonging to the house nr. 83. Some document still attest to the payment of the “breeding tax” (1200 lire).

In the 1970s the old “Tante Mitzi” was cared for by her nephew Luigi Autischer. The TANTE MITZI passed away on December 29th 1973, leaving Luigi her old cabinet with all of the family memories dating back to the 18th century. Carlo Autischer, son of Luigi, took over the old house and renovated it in 2003-2004. In 2009 he decided to open up a coffee shop in the basement, and having been touched by the family memories he had discovered decided to dedicate the coffee shop to his beloved grand aunt TANTE MITZI, to keep her memory alive. Today the TANTE MITZI coffee shop is a meeting point for open minded people, who like to chat about old times whilst drinking an espresso or a glass of fine wine.